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Wednesday, September 14, 2016

We have only one road

What I will do as President?

 1. Education, everyone must have the right to education.
 2. Reducing red tape at all levels and unnecessary inventing jobs is the basic task of an advanced society. A man has to work and fight for life.
 3. The construction of the legal State, or better said society, because society can without a State, but the State without a society makes no sense, nor can there be, it can but only on paper. The society makes the country, stronger society strengthens the State.
 4. The Freedom of the individual, which is in accordance with the law of the legal State, we have to understand that we accept any different than us. Religion is the basis of freedom because God wants to save everybody, but he doesn't force anyone, he gave the man's freedom, and that means that we keep God's own command and not making a mistake, or the less that a mistake. Sexual commitment also is not your thing to think about it, you'd better mind your own business and that of what you live. You can be free, as much as the other used to be free.
5. Allow employment to all people without regard to religion, nation, age, ... every Member of society has to be included in the benefit of the community, if no one has any use for you, so who did you then need it.
However in BIH there are a lot of disagreements and not programs, and is equally, since Ban Kulin. A country that is not anybody's and interchanges with everyone and anyone how who pleases, and to this day the Government power vacuum. We aspire the EU and advanced societies we need to hitch-hike past and start a new path. We need to turn the 1000%, if we want to Bosnia become a modern, free society. What it means to be free, first and foremost we have to understand the concept of freedom and does not connect it with anarchy. To make a man be free must work and ensure tangible assets for life and the community. The money is, and how you need to be a free man.

I is the country with the three constituent peoples and should allow them to survive, if we can't and we don't know to survive, we're going to destroy Sami and so we already came up to the very end. The people who go from religion and faith is doomed to failure. The survival of the faith of your people. Often people say, why I believe in God when I've never seen him, but please ask yourself who you are altogether you to God, and to show him that you see. Every religion alone determines how policy will pay to God, you have to understand that there is no 60 of the gods, a God is only one and was Almighty, and God is great for everyone. Where are we getting dependent on ourselves?

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