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Friday, August 26, 2016

This is my city!

The building of Kursalon is the largest building in Lipik and one of the recognition of this tourist resort. It was built in 1893 was almost a copy of the Viennese Kursalon and was, with the exception of the Herkulesbadu , the most beautiful building of this type and purpose in the crown of St. Stephen."

Restore dignity to this city!

Wednesday, August 24, 2016


DESTRUCTIVE EARTHQUAKE IN CENTRAL ITALY He was shaking and Rome, the damage in the epicenter of a large, 39 dead.Number of dead rises. At least 38 people were killed, including children, said a spokesman for the Civil Defense.

 'Let's help Amatriceu.

Monday, August 15, 2016


Storm began to thunder, during which two workers died.The flood,which was caused by rain,completely paralyzed the city center.Two children seriously injured.Despite the falling less than half an hour,the rain flooded streets,and cars and people had to wade through half a meter of water.

Moscow needed help!

Saturday, August 13, 2016

Louisiana - State of emergency - Flash floods

Louisiana - State of emergency - Flash floods

Due to the rain pouring for two days,the Governor of Louisiana,John Bel Edwards declared a state of emergency,which is why they closed schools,state institutions and many roads,officials said.

Thursday, July 14, 2016

A strong storm hit SLAVONIA!

A strong storm hit Slavonia!,14.07.2016.Croatia

A strong storm hit the continental part of the Croatia.
Wind rips trees, declared a state of natural disaster.There have been and humicane gusts of wind."The damage is huge,the wind tore trees and carried the roofs".Donate to help the affected area and population.

Monday, July 11, 2016

Are we people?

 Why Germany it seems? Are we people?

           If you are Jesus sacrificed himself of his son for the sake of humanity, why years of the mothers in today's time, they leave the minors and give birth new orphans. The law definitely needs urgent change, all mothers or fathers who leave minor children without caring about them and leave them just for the less fortunate, to be introduced to pay taxes to the State, and the State to take care of the children. People need to learn what life is. What use has the State from irresponsible person? A mother who leave minors she probably good in my head, and why the State supports this kind of discrimination? Genetics is a miracle, there's rarely a child properly if any parent is not valid. Jesus Christ came to earth to save sinners, but these cases are not a sin, it has nothing to do with morality or immorality, these are the cases outside of the human mind. Not a single animal would not have left her cubs. I know of cases where one mother in the first marriage of the underage girl's left, and the second marriage she left an underage boy and girl, now in my third marriage gave birth to two children, will leave them and so on and on and on and on . She turned and orphaned children, now it works in Germany, why the Germans those civilized country endorse those marriages and parents still pay for them and degrading their own children. How will that kind of mother to raise these kids, if it's already left three children. This kind of behavior has nothing to do with freedom and liberalism. Freedom is something else, we can not be free, if we are not prudent, it simply do not know how to set up properly. Do not make the sick state, because everything is already are being infected and sick.

Please change the world together, let's get some human principles that we all need in these parts. We must become a people or we must all disappear.

How to save this world if we push the Sami still deeper into evil. How you can help us God if even Wednesday, Thursday Sami himself or we do not know their children find the correct path to God. "Where are these people?



Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Father, have mercy!

                       This morning brings a new kind of refreshment. Looking at our different situation than today. I'm not timid, but I always have to be suspicious, what if I choose the wrong time? If you're next to me I know I'm not going to go wrong, giving me the strength, the will to survive, and with you, it's all different. I know that I love you and your love, it makes our community stronger. If only I still could not make out, at least the edges of your clothes, because I know that your love is boundless. If I'm worthy of your love, tell me please? I know you're the only one you love and charity and the only thing you can do to say good-bye inexhaustible with hyssop. Lord, I'm talking to everyone about your immense kindness and I want your charity to be all miserable sinners Sanctuary like me. My soul every day looking for forgiveness of sins, for the salvation and peace of mankind. I pray always, because your charity covers my soul and my heart. Father, have mercy! Christ, graciously hear us!